Axel Böhler


Phone: +41 78 7961213

Industry expertise: financial services, information technology, consulting
Functional expertise: controlling, finance & accounting
Specialist expertise: process management



Mr. Böhler had a banking career in the areas of logistics, financial controlling and information technology and then worked for many years as a consultant on issues of organizational development and information technology in the area of process development for banks and insurance companies.

As Head of Operations at a Geneva-based asset management company, Mr. Böhler was responsible for HR, among other things, and continued his career at a major Swiss bank, where he held senior positions in international IT and then in financial controlling.

Mr. Böhler gained particular expertise in process and organizational optimization and managed strategic projects in various banks in his function as Chief of Staff to the Executive Board, where he carried out important personnel appointments.

Mr. Böhler laid the foundations for his professional career with vocational training as a systems programmer, business economist, bank clerk and project manager. Thanks to his many years of experience in the software industry, at private and major banks and in the insurance sector, he has a large network and international contacts.

Before joining Senator Executive Search Partners, he worked in an advisory capacity for German and Swiss life insurance companies.

His motto: "Master life's challenges by surrounding yourself with positive-minded people who seek out challenges and keep an eye on the big picture through their critical thinking."



Mr. Axel Böhler has recently accompanied and successfully filled the following positions within the scope of exclusive consulting mandates:

  • Head Finance Fund Management
  • Head IT major bank
  • Head of Quality Management, major bank
  • Head of Controlling Regional Bank
  • Head of Operations in an asset management company
  • IT project management
  • Project management software development
  • Project management requirement engineering
  • Team leader software development
  • Business Analysts

Many positions were filled several times in different sectors.

Further reference projects are available on request.

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