Interim management is a flexible and effective solution for companies that need management expertise at short notice. Senator Partners offers a comprehensive and professional service based on years of experience and a large network.

Competence network and expert knowledge

Senator Partners has a broad network of expertise. This makes it possible to find the right interim manager for almost every industry and function. Close cooperation with the Interim Management Competence Center ensures that the ideal candidate is selected for each specific requirement.

Extensive database and fast staffing

Senator Partners has access to one of the largest databases for interim managers in the D/A/CH region with around 16,000 registered and validated candidates. This makes it possible to fill vacancies quickly and efficiently. At least three suitable candidates are presented within 12-24 hours of the requirement profile being entered, guaranteeing immediate availability.


Cost structure and transparency

The costs for the search and selection of an interim manager at Senator Partners are only incurred if the client contractually decides on a candidate. There are no costs if no mandate is given. Billing is transparent and based on the amount of time spent by the interim manager. This structure avoids conflicts of interest and ensures that the client receives the best possible conditions.

Suitability diagnostics and forensic testing

In order to avoid wrong appointments, Senator Partners offers professional aptitude diagnostics. This includes both technical and interdisciplinary skills and personality traits. For positions with a high level of responsibility, the company recommends a forensic examination in order to identify and rule out potential risks at an early stage.


Senator Partners offers a first-class interim management solution thanks to its extensive network of expertise, large database of qualified interim managers and legal expertise. The rapid filling of vacancies, the transparent cost structure and the option of professional suitability diagnostics and forensic testing make Senator Partners a reliable partner for companies in need of management expertise.

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