With the help of aptitude diagnostic procedures, the individual strengths of a candidate can be precisely determined and the future career path can be optimally aligned with them. Often, job seekers are not even aware of where exactly their competences and skills lie and may not even be looking for the job that perfectly suits them. A career profile matching can bring completely new ideas and perspectives.

More than 10,00 participants took part in a survey conducted by HR Consult Group AG with the aim of obtaining an up-to-date opinion on the service and image of personnel consultancies. Among other things, the survey examined how well aptitude diagnostics procedures and, in particular, suggestions for suitable professional profiles are received by candidates. 

Just under a third of candidates are willing to spend money on aptitude testing. 

At 31 percent, just under a third of survey participants are willing to pay for a professional profile recommendation. Almost every fourth respondent would spend up to 49 euros for a professional profile recommendation, while 7 percent would even invest up to 89 euros. For more than a third, however, even 49 euros would be too expensive. At 32 per cent, just under a third of respondents have no interest in this advisory service at all.

If one considers the amount of the desired salary in the answers, it becomes apparent that the higher the sum stated, the less the cost factor plays a role. Candidates with a salary expectation of 150,000 euros and more form the largest group for both the answer "max. 49 euros" and "max. 89 euros". For the answer "too expensive", this group cast the fewest votes accordingly. Candidates with the lowest desired salary of 30,000 to 45,000 euros form the largest group for the answer "too expensive". However, if we look at the distribution of the shares for the answer "max. 49 euros", we see a similarly large need for all desired salary groups. In other words, the need for a professional profile recommendation is not directly related to the desired salary, but rather to the price of the service.

However, one thing is quite clear: as salary expectations increase, interest in this advisory service decreases. This is certainly due to the fact that candidates with higher salary expectations have already been in professional life for longer and thus have the corresponding professional experience. They usually already know where their own strengths lie and in which positions they can best use them. 

"The professional profile matching helps candidates who are still unsure about where they want to go on their professional journey. But also people who want to completely reorient themselves thematically - i.e. dare a lateral entry - benefit greatly from this analysis. It provides security in the orientation phase and ultimately also helps in the actual job search. Because only those who know what they are actually looking for will ultimately find a job that really suits them," explains Matthias Barhainski, personnel consultant at SENATOR.

About the author

Dr Armin Betz

After graduating as an automotive engineer and industrial engineer, he began his career in the automotive industry in the areas of sales, development and marketing and also spent a year in Japan with one of the largest automotive suppliers.

He then moved to a world-renowned premium car manufacturer, where he was responsible for product marketing in Japan and South America and marketing strategy in North and South America.

In 1994 he decided to become self-employed and founded a personnel consultancy in Munich, where he has been driving development and expansion for over 20 years. As managing director, his industry focus is naturally on the automotive world as well as mechanical and plant engineering.

With his doctorate in the field of aptitude diagnostics, he ideally rounds off his fields of competence, especially with regard to personnel and management consultancy. The dissertation deals with the identification and proof of typical personality traits of engineers as well as the definition of development areas for a successful professional career.

These are scientifically derived and presented in the book "Eignungsdiagnostik im Praxiseinsatz".

At the same time, his focus is on building networks and cooperation models as well as the continuous further development of systems and processes in HR consulting.

Within the last 20 years in personnel consulting, he has developed several brands that are still successful on the market today.

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