Change management

We support companies in the conception and implementation of major change projects, e.g. implementation of new strategies, creation of new organisational structures, introduction of lean management, process optimisations, change of corporate culture, etc.

The focus of our consulting is on the process level, which means we support the substantive work of internal teams or even external consultants when it comes to making things work. The mental-cultural level determines the success of change projects.

A possible aspect is also to get stalled change projects going again and to generate new energy.

In cooperation with you, we guide you through the change project:

  • We develop a clear vision and objectives for the change project.
  • We plan the factual logic of the change project, we design the master plan.
  • We analyse the process of deadlocked change projects and determine where the causes lie and what the interrelationships are.
  • We think in systems and act accordingly.
  • We talk to all the people involved and find out what thoughts and feelings move them.
  • We plan large group conferences, workshops etc. to pick up people and bring them along, and we also carry out these measures.
  • We engage in crisis and conflict management, mediate between different actors and develop viable solutions.
  • We conduct one-to-one coaching sessions with the key players.
  • We support internal project and change managers.
  • We provide sustainable support for the change projects.

Our claim is individuality, transparency and professionalism of our advice for the management and all employees.

Your individual consultant: Change management

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