Brit Gebhardt

Phone: 04232-945 30 24
Industry expertise: Logistics, transport and traffic
Functional competence: Purchasing and procurement, supply chain management
Special competence: Interim management

Brit Gebhardt specialises in logistics, transport & traffic, supply chain management and purchasing/procurement. She fills management positions both in permanent positions and with interim managers.

After her commercial training, Brit Gebhardt studied business administration at the University of Cologne. After several years as Head of Marketing & PR, she ventured into self-employment and worked as an interim manager before specialising in the placement of executives and interim managers as a personnel consultant in 2012. 

With 16,000 contacts, Brit Gebhardt is one of the top 1 networked HR consultants in Germany and has a unique network of contacts both in Germany and internationally.

Daniel Fertl

Daniel Fertl

Phone: +49 (0) 871 430 888 52
Sector competencies: Automotive & E-Mobility, Defence and Aerospace, Logistics, Transport & Traffic
Functional competence: Supply Chain Management
Special competence: Suitability diagnostics

After his commercial studies and his training in a large personnel consultancy, he was able to learn the most important tools in the industry. Here he is involved in the areas of project management, direct approach, candidate management and aptitude diagnostics.

In our network, Mr Daniel Fertl specialises in the automotive and defence sectors.

In recent years, it has often faced difficult and challenging positions in these areas. In order to continue to meet this high standard, highly qualified staff must be recruited more than ever. In the process, the competition for the best minds is becoming increasingly fierce.

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