The games industry has evolved from video games, home computers, arcade machines and pinball machines to a modern gaming experience via virtual technologies, cloud, networks and communities worldwide. In addition to these developments, facets such as cosplay, retro gaming, events, music, family & friends and merchandise are also represented. This allows each generation to live their passion for gaming to the full.

This starting point illustrates the potential within the games industry. Around half of German companies continue to expect positive economic development for the industry as a whole. Publisher, developer, indie, writer, animator, artist and pro gamer are established professions. However, a clear shortage of skilled workers is emerging, with every second company forecasting an increased need for personnel.

In our competence center, we are involved in the constant digital transformation of this industry and have set ourselves the goal of strengthening it in a professional, future-oriented and sustainable manner. In particular by recruiting the necessary specialists.

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