Andreas Berger

Phone: +49 (0)881 924 973 11
Sector competencies: Consumer Goods, Digital and Online Business, Retail and Services
Functional competency: Marketing & Sales
Special competency: Aptitude diagnostics

As a partner, Andreas Berger focuses on the competence centres Consumer Goods, Digital & Online Business and Retail & Services. In addition, he successfully applies his many years of experience in management audits.

Andreas Berger studied business administration at the renowned Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. His degree in business administration was followed by many years of management positions in the branded goods industry and in retail before he decided to bring his interest in people and his entrepreneurial spirit to bear as a management consultant. After a successful decade in two renowned executive search consultancies, he found the ideal basis for his consulting activities at SENATOR.

Here, he primarily advises medium-sized clients from the branded goods and lifestyle-driven manufacturing and retail environment as well as service companies. In addition, he advises cross-sector companies that are adapting their business models and corporate culture to an increasingly digital and networked world. His focus here is on topics ranging from big data to e-commerce and online marketing.

Axel Brill

Phone: 04232-945 30 25
Industry competencies: Digital and online business, information technology and telecommunications
Special competences: Digitalisation for Industry 4.0, Interim Management

Axel Brill has spent over 30 years of his professional life in management positions in IT companies. 

Since 2012, he has specialised as a personnel consultant in IT-related management positions both in IT companies and across industries, nationally and internationally.

After his commercial training, he founded a software company, which he ran for 20 years and then sold to an international software group. 

He then worked as an investor and interim manager in the IT sector and also advises on corporate transactions in the IT sector.

Thanks to his many years in the industry, he has a unique network of contacts both in Germany and internationally.

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