Social services

Social institutions are hidden champions of the German economy. Turnover and employment in this sector have been growing continuously for many years.

Similarly, the professional demands on employees and managers in the social sector are also growing. This is mainly due to the outpatientisation of services, growing participation expectations of people with disabilities or disadvantages and increasing professional quality requirements. This also increases the organisational complexity with compliance with legal framework conditions (e.g. BTHG), which professionals and managers have to cope with. Outpatient care and performance-based refinancing open up additional business management perspectives.

The level of education of professionals in the social sector has risen sharply. Well-educated staff are much more challenging to their managers in terms of their ability to strategically orientate the institution and communicate decisions transparently.

The challenge for service providers to attract and retain sufficient qualified staff will continue to increase in the coming years.

Due to our many years of experience as consultants in various social enterprises, we know the complex bundle of requirements for managers in the social sector very well. We help you to precisely formulate the requirements for the position to be filled. We use highly efficient, modern instruments and methods in the search for and selection of the optimal staffing to enable you and your institution to achieve long-term success in the social market.

In addition, if required, we are also happy to support you in the integration of new employees through our onboarding and coaching services, so that the company and employees can find a long-term positive working basis together.

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