Renewable Energies / Energy Industry

The energy industry includes, among others, the topics of energy source and generation, energy storage, transmission and trading, as well as distribution and billing of energy, and energy security.

Due to societal demands for more climate protection and sustainability, renewable energies are to form the main part of the energy supply with 80 % by 2050, following the general trend towards decarbonisation, and at the same time be reliable, secure in supply, environmentally compatible, economically efficient and affordable. The industry is thus undergoing an extremely strong process of change. Today, sub-sectors of renewable energy production are mainly wind power and photovoltaics, in addition to biogas and green hydrogen. In addition to the change of energy source in production and generation, this also represents a paradigm shift to a much greater decentralisation of grids and their intelligent design as smart grids.

The energy industry remains a strong sector with considerable potential for development. However, the shift towards renewable energies is very increasingly bringing new momentum to the energy industry's personnel market.

In the Competence Centre Renewable Energies / Energy Industry, we support companies that deal with all types of renewable energies or topics such as smart grids, energy efficiency or electromobility, as well as companies from the traditional energy industry, such as energy supply companies (EVU), in the selection of suitable specialists and managers.

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